• Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

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Litecoin And Qtum Could See The Next Cross-Chain Bridge Top The Crypto Ranks

Supontus is a new crypto project that offers the transfer of assets through its protocol. It is supported by smart contracts, opening opportunities for reaching the top of the cryptocurrency list.

The services offered by the platform are beneficial to everyone participating in the program. Holders and stakers of the $PON token are not left out in this plan as they will partake in activities that will yield more rewards. 

Services offered by Supontis 
The Super Bridge is Supontis’s primary service. The bridge operates using this unique system. When the asset transactions are released, it does not move from the original position. 

Instead, it is locked, and the same value is created in the other blockchain space. Following the transfer request, a two-step process is initiated for final transaction approval. 

$PON token is a necessity when on the platform, i.e., it is required for any actions on asset transfer. In addition, the number of $PON tokens in an individual’s wallet will determine the profit margin for successful staking. 

The total amount staked would also increase the chances of being selected to become a validator. Therefore, the more you stake, the more you earn. Likewise, the number of assets locked and used will determine the income rate. 

Supontis is community-based, and the members are fully responsible for the platform’s decisions. Voting rights are given to them as an opportunity to choose what is best for all making the system transparent. 

To be eligible for the voting and idea contribution right, all must purchase the $PON. The token will serve as their ticket to the program, and those with the largest token are free to draft a proposal for voting. 

A group forum is created for more suggestions and ideas from each member. New updates will be shared among users for more development. Furthermore, the $PON is a BEP-20 token. 

As aforementioned, the Binance Smart Chain uses smart contracts for its functionality, making it an extremely reliable and fast network for the Supontis Super Bridge.

 The Supontis assets transfer can be sent into Ethereum, Tron, Binance, and Fantom. Supontis is ready to top the cryptocurrency list and surpass its competitors as time progresses. The Proof-of-Stake mechanism helps Supontis stand out and be the best platform. 

The objective is to remove the limitations of cross-chain transfer among users and ensure fast transaction validation and low transaction fees.

Supontis versus QTUM And Litecoin
Qtum is a Bitcoin-based blockchain that functions based on the smart contract drafted. As a result, the platform is easy to use. Its functions are delivered based on the Proof-of-Stake concept, and the blockchain is monitored constantly to provide optimum services to its users.

Payment verification is a short process, and it is easy to use. The Ethereum Virtual Machine supports Qtum. In addition, the Qtum wallet can be used to create Non-Fungible Tokens. The ability to vote for governing pattern of choice is possible when members have the QTUM token. In summary, the ecosystem’s development is each member’s role. 

Litecoin promotes payment methods across the world. It is a P2P currency that can be transferred with little fees. The process is transparent when it comes to transaction validation, and the confirmation of payment is fast.

In addition, the wallet is safe because it is encrypted and boosts the user’s confidence. This means your wallet will be free from fraudsters. 

Some other exasperating benefits are viewing transfer history and balance and spending your Litecoin whenever you want. Note that all miners on Litecoin will receive their rewards with the LTC token. 

Supontis has all the listed features of the two blockchain systems stated above. However, Supontis remains exceptional because it brings the most extensive interconnection for users on its platform through staking. Most importantly, the BNB smart chain supports it, and individuals benefit from them.                                         
So far, we have seen that Supontis is a Super Bridge for Blockchain transactions.

Do not skip over this mouth-watering opportunity, full of rewards. 

Take note of the launching and presale phases. 

For More Information On Supontis, Click Here:
Presale: https://register.supontis.com  
Website: http://supontis.com/

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